Microsoft Bing Updates: Visually Rich Search Experience

Microsoft Bing is the second most used search engine worldwide with 6.84% of the global search market after Google. Recently Microsoft Bing announced a new search experience that combines information with visually rich imagery in search results. This visually rich search experience will be available for recipes, home improvements, carousels, infographics-inspired, and local answers.

The goal behind this is to provide interactive search results instead of only links. So now you will get the most relevant visuals like pictures and videos in one view within Bing search results. There are several ranking factors for Microsoft Bing which can help you to rank well in its search results. Let’s look into each type of search where Bing has updated its search results.

1. Recipes Search Results

Now on searching any recipe you will get the most relevant recipe content in a single view on Bing’s search results. For example, here we searched ‘noodles recipe’ in Microsoft Bing which given us plenty of visual recipe results including videos and images.

New search experience for Recipes - Microsoft Bing

Once we hover over any video result the video plays automatically. Also, other useful information can be seen like reviews, video duration, how many servings and calories are there in a specific recipe.

2. Home Improvement Search Results

After this, we tried some ‘home improvement’ related searches in Microsoft Bing. Though every ‘home improvement’ related term is not giving visual search results as per Bing’s new search experience. But on searching ‘DIY dressing table’ we found visual and engaging search results.

New search experience for Home improvement - Microsoft Bing

Here you can even image search other products from the selected ‘dressing table’ picture by cropping a particular portion within that picture.

3. Carousel Search Results

As Bing has brought some changes in carousel experience too, so we tried for the term ‘environment movies’. Search results show a carousel of various movie pictures and on hovering over any movie it shows the year of release, review ratings, type of movie, and a few more relevant information.

New search experience for Carousel - Microsoft Bing

This new carousel search experience really provides a good user experience as users get detailed information by just hovering the cursor.

4. Infographic-Inspired Experience

Another update from Microsoft Bing shows how our existing search results can be made modern. Think if you search for something and the search results look like an infographic. High-quality visuals with detailed information in the text. So to check the same we just searched ‘Elephants’ as it’s the world’s largest land animal.

Infographic inspired search experience - Microsoft Bing

The search results are really informative and engaging like an infographic as compared to traditional search results.

5. Local Answers Search Results

Last but not least update you will see in local answers like if you want to search for places around you or in any other city or country. Though Bing highlighted this change will be fully available in the US in few weeks. But we tried results for even other places and found the new design approach is working for other than the US too.

New search experience for Local answers - Microsoft Bing

We searched for the term ‘places to visit in Dubai’ and the search results were awesome. So with this update in local answers search results you can learn multiple things about a specific place and focus on whatever you like most.


With these updates seem the search results will become more engaging and informative in coming times. As currently, Microsoft Bing has initiated these search results updates for some specific professions and areas of interest. We hope soon more topics will be covered for similar visual search results by Bing.

Google is also planning to update search results based on Core Web Vitals as this will be one of the ranking factors from May 2021. So in a nutshell we can say both top-performing search engines have one common purpose to provide a good user experience in search results.

We will keep updating if there will be any further updates from Microsoft Bing regarding search results.

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